Frequently Asked Questions.

What is AIMM?

AIMM is the leading online, self-service platform for meeting planners, DMOs, hotels and event suppliers. With AIMM, planners and suppliers can access actionable event intelligence to increase efficiencies and improve performance.

Why does AIMM exist?

Association Forum listened to hundreds of its member organizations. It became clear there was an opportunity to eliminate a gap in data intelligence for association planners, event suppliers, DMOs and CVBs.

AIMM is the realization of the mutual need for accurate data. Our product is the only information platform to source its data directly from association meeting planners, CEOs, directors of marketing and exposition planners in the Chicagoland market. In essence, business events, conference and exhibitions metrics start and stop with AIMM.

What are the main benefits of AIMM?

Meeting and event planners get never-before aggregated intelligence about events planned by Chicagoland and Illinois associations, trade groups and non-profit organizations. By inputting your meetings information into AIMM, you can turn that information into actionable insights to save your association time and money.

Event suppliers, DMOs and hotels get unparalleled intelligence into the events community to discover the best prospects for their businesses, resulting in more opportunities and sales. AIMM gives you the insight to find your perfect event prospects in less time.

How is AIMM’s data collected?

AIMM collects information through direct membership surveys, Association Forum records and ongoing research. The AIMM database will continue to grow and change as more records and data are added.

Is this initiative only focused on the association meetings from Chicagoland?

Yes, our primary objective is to provide never before quantified insights into the Chicagoland association, trade group and non-profit organizations’ meetings and events market. This is Chicagoland’s slice of the $3 trillion market.

I’m an association executive, how do i update my data?

Sign in to complete the event survey. It will take 3-5 minutes.


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